About me.....

I started cartooning life as a gag cartoonist, submitting work speculatively to magazines and newspapers – not the most secure way to earn a living but our building society manager had faith and still gave us a mortgage.

I was determined to make it into Punch, and I did ­ after exactly one year of submitting ten ideas a week, after which I was lucky enough to become one of the magazine's regulary commissioned cartoonists. As well as the usual gag cartoons, I created many cartoon features, including double-page spreads, plus a large number of front covers. 

One of my early breaks was to win the commission to produce the cartoons for the Guinness Calendar and, from there I began to spread my cartooning wings, gaining commisions for advertising, humorous illustration, greeting cards, etc. These days, my net is spread very wide indeed, as you can see from those clients represented in this portfolio.

For almost a decade, I have worked entirely digitally, using a Wacom drawing tablet and Mac computers, supplying work almost exclusively via email.

I have had some luck winning a few awards, too, including one from the United Nations (Cartoonists Against Drug Abuse), The (UK) Dog Cartoonist of the Year and, just recently, one of the coveted Lindsay awards, presented by the Australian Cartoonists' Association.

I am a member of several cartooning organisations, The Cartoonists' Club of Great Britain, The British Cartoonists' Association, The Federation of Cartoonists' Organisations, The Cartoonists' Guild and The Professional Cartoonists' Organisation. In 2003 I was elected a Fellow of the RSA.

My Books

In addition to the many books I have illustrated for other others, I have written and illustrated a large number of my own.

My cartoon books include Golf Widows and Business Widows, which were translated into several European languages, including Swedish. Sadly, my companion volume, Cricket Widows, failed to break the international language (not to mention, cricket) barrier!

My other books include those written for children and published by Penguin. These include, Nuts, The Lost Wag, The Greedy Ghost, Limeroons and Diary of and Alien.

My latest books include two which I have co-authored for New Holland, for publication in the UK and the USA, Draw Cartoons
(pub. 2006) and Draw Caricature (pub. 2007).

I like to think I haven't peaked, yet…


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